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Angélique Caudron

Fitness instructor since 2009, it is in 2011 that through multiple trainings, I became a certified Personal Trainer. I then learn a lot by a multitude of trainings, by getting more specialized in this personalized service. 


Since then, I have already given thousands of hours of coaching to many people, from all backgrounds and with various objectives, all while continuing to give group classes. Indeed, they also allow me to continually acquire new skills and knowledge. 


Self-taught and passionate sportswoman, it is obvious that more than a passion, it is today a true vocation for me to be able to help all these people to reach their objectives, to transmit my taste for sport, to allow them to become aware of all the benefits it brings to their health and their mental balance. 


Having an excellent physical condition and a high technical level, I am motivated, devoted and I have excellent human contact: listening and discretion are therefore part of the qualities of my work.

Laetitia Saadi

Laetitia started playing sports at the age of 6. After having done multi-sports activities, gymnastics and judo for a few years, she chose athletics to continue to practice for 10 years.


Her path and her sporting curiosity will lead her to practice more artistic activities such as breakdance (5 years of practice), a dance that will give her a good knowledge of her body pattern and the infinite possibilities of the body in terms of movements.


Her growing interest for the coaching profession will push her to pass a French State Certificate specialized in physical and sports activities. During her training, her willingness to improve her knowledge in muscle strengthening as a support of sports activity will put her on her way the CrossFit and the practice of athletic strength.


Laetitia has worked with different audiences, as much with very young children to introduce them to movement, coordination, balance and the discovery of different sports but also with people with disabilities.


Her progress in the world of physical activities and fitness finally oriented her towards personal accompaniment.


What is most important to her is to help you achieve the objectives that were set at the first meeting and then during the training sessions together. Whatever your level, whether you consider yourself at the bottom of the ladder or great champion.


Support will be provided in a relationship of mutual trust. Laetitia attaches particular importance to your knowledge of your own body, teaching you to feel which muscle should work, when to make your movements more effective and avoid injury. Your goal becomes a common goal and it is always easier for two to reach it. Her mission is to bring her knowledge, your mission is to follow the advice and be there, and even if you feel a little tired, the good mood will always take over.

Benoit Myaux

From a very young age, sport has been for him a passion and an art of living. After more than ten years in the world of high-level triathlon, he decided to devote himself to the profession of personal trainer, a real vocation for him. Subsequently, he decided to create Point Fit, his own personal training center gathering his passions for sport, dietetics and well-being, inseparable from each other.


The numerous knowledge acquired during his graduation in dietetics, his training in the field of sport and health, and throughout his sporting career, enabled him to understand the importance of addressing well-being in its entirety. Good human qualities and an excellent knowledge of anatomy, physiology, nutrition and physical preparation are, in his opinion, the basis for providing true quality coaching. A good personal trainer must therefore be versatile and experienced in many areas. His best reward is the physical and moral development of the people he accompanies in their quest for well-being. The success of their objectives is a beautiful challenge to reach, and this is made hand in hand. The coach-coached relationship is above all a relationship of trust and sharing.


Functional drives have always been his preference. Indeed, he attaches great importance to training the body as a whole. In this perspective, it rebalances as a priority the different physical qualities of a person. To do this, he regularly analyses the physical aptitudes of his trainees, he asks about their lifestyle and their medical history. Regular tests and assessments will help identify weaknesses to be addressed and qualities to build on. He strives to be as available as possible with his trainees in order to advise them as often as possible and to make sure that surpassing oneself in a good mood is the goal of all his training sessions. He offers a fun and varied work to avoid routine. He is with you to achieve one or more goals but also to have a good time.

Lionel Debatty

Sport became very quickly a part of my life (judo, running, cycling, etc.), without competition ever being the goal. It was mostly a pleasure. During my higher studies in physical education, I had the chance to do an internship in the fitness world, and it was a revelation for me.

Five years at "DaVinci" in Wavre then in Waterloo, allowed me to follow training courses in the various fields of fitness (group classes, welcoming customers, follow-up in the gym, setting up specific programs, Pilates, etc.). It is therefore natural that I started giving Personal Training sessions and this is now my career ambition.


I listen to your requests, without ever forgetting respect for the body's functioning. I understand your path, know where you come from and where you want to go to better accompany you because, at the end you moves forward. There is only one limit, you. You have a goal and together we will achieve it.

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