Personal Training

We believe that every individual is different and requires a personalized training program to achieve his/her goals.

At Point Fit, you benefit from individual personal training sessions that will allow you to create a unique dynamic with your personal trainer and focus on just one thing: your goals. Before any training, a physical and mental analysis will take place, in order to personalize your program as well as possible and this taking into account your sporting past, your old and recent injuries, your limits, your daily life and your nutrition. Then, we will establish a sports and wellness program that will contain your workouts in and out of our studio, your nutritional plan and tips to improve your daily life.

The personal trainers at Point Fit integrate a wide range of disciplines and methods into their training to challenge your body and mind in different ways. This includes strengthening, mobility and stretching sessions, cardiovascular exercises and sporting challenges.

Small Group Training

Classical classes (yoga, stretching, pilates, TRX, swiss ball, etc.) but in groups of 4 to 5 people.

It is more pleasant for you (you do not have your neighbor’s foot in your face during your exercises), but also more effective because your coach has the opportunity to observe and advise you.

A good compromise between individual coaching and group lessons.

Dietetics & Nutrition

Food is a complex matter. Once considered a simple fuel, food is now an integral part of our lifestyle. Many evils could be avoided simply by changing our food hygiene. We are flooded with very complex information. How to make the right choice? Our specialists at Point Fit can guide and help you.


What do we offer you?

- Nutrition Education and Balanced Diet


- Special diet plans and weight loss diets

- Sports nutrition for performance

- Sports nutrition for building muscle mass and body dryness

- Advice and qualitative analyses of food supplements

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