Our Mobility class focuses on joint mobility and posture.
You will move your body from one stretch to the other  and cap off the class with specific strength training to keep your newly-acquired range of motion.


Build your strength using just your body weight and light weights. This class focuses on developing different muscle groups and will get you strong enough to finally get the lid of that jelly jar.


TRX offers a full-body strength workout, using your own body weight and two suspension straps that help to improve strength, balance and flexibility. Being low-impact, this workout is perfectly suited for people who have knee or back problems. Expect a great workout: our TRX class targets all of your muscles, with special emphasis on your core.


Pilates focuses on building long, lean muscles and a strong core. Increase your mobility and joint stability while improving your posture and soothing persistent injuries.


Our Intensity class alternates high-intensity exercise bursts with easier recovery intervals. You’ll be pushing yourself to your physical limits and improve your endurance, which will make going up the stairs a breeze.