Your gym with personal trainers in Uccle​

Welcome to PointFit, your premium gym 100% focused on tailored personal coaching in Uccle. Our goal: to guide you through your health and fitness needs. Spend your training session with the coaching of a personal trainer in our privatised studio.

Your health and your success are the core of our vision here at PointFit. We take care of your physical, emotional and nutritional well-being to help you achieve all your sport and fitness objectives.

Your personal training experience starts as soon as you step in our studio. To help us get to know you and prepare the best bespoke tailored programme for you, we review your personality, your lifestyle, your diet and your sleeping patterns.

We also analyse your fitness level and your sport background. We then draft you a three-month tailor-made programme (mixing bodybuilding, gym, fitness and relaxation) that adapts and evolves with your training, to guarantee the best results and a clear improvement of your shape.

Functional Spaces

Our VIP studio in Uccle is the best in terms of exclusivity and privacy. It has been designed to host alone or with a training partner. You will be supported by the best coaches in our team to achieve your goals away from prying eyes.

Cardio Spaces

Everything you need to get better, warm up or sweat yourself.

Opening times

Monday to Thursday
8 am – 8 pm

8 am – 5 pm

Saturday and Sunday
9 am – 1 pm

A unique VIP gym in Uccle

Our coaching studio is the only one in Brussels to commit to a three-month programme. We don’t tie you up with a yearly subscription. You’ll never train alone during your three-month bespoke programme, your coach will always be there to motivate and push you further, and every time your train, you’ll transform your life and you’ll reach a complete and durable well-being.

Our passionate personal trainers are deeply committed to your success and will do everything to help you get there.

Seniors looking to stay in shape, women trying to remain active during and after a pregnancy, athletes striving to reach specific performances, weight loss or recovering after an injury or persisting pains, your trainer knows how to get results.

Our VIP club in Uccle was specifically designed for an exclusive and private training, via appointment. Our cardio corner allows you to warm up, target a specific training or just simply exert yourself. Enjoy the advice of our on-location expert nutritionist to take on a better and sounder diet and fuel your body during training.

PointFit also offers the services of our expert physiotherapist and podiatrist, to help you relieve the pain and get you back into the best possible shape.

Enjoy our dynamic gym and fitness group classes (boxing, Pilates, etc.), taught by our professional trainers, and freely access our modern high-end equipment, to get the best out of your training.

Entrust PointFit, your 100% coaching fitness gym in Uccle (near Bascule), with your well-being, diet and sport objectives, and get back into the body you deserve.