Studios & Booking Rules

1. Preamble 

Personal training is the accompaniment of a person on a personal and sporting level towards his autonomy in a dynamic of change. It is a process of individual interviews based on a collaborative relationship, centered on objectives to be achieved and structured in such a way that they allow a person to develop his potential and increase his level of performance.


2. Purpose of the contract


This contract is a coaching contract as defined in the preamble above. Its purpose is to provide individual support to the client in order to optimize their physical and mental change based on the needs that the client expresses.

The precise formulation of the objective, the definition of its scope and the criteria for evaluating its progress constitute the first objective of the client and the Pointfit studio. As soon as they are finalized, they will be the subject of an addendum signed by both parties and which will be annexed to this contract.

The client agrees to the predefined Personal Training packages allowing a programming of training and serene progressions over a fixed period. The Personal Training package will be clearly defined on the invoicing documents and on the addendum to the contract.

All of the packs allow access to the gym, changing rooms and cardio training machines during their period of validity.

Payment is to be made after the first appointment offered following the signing of this contract either in cash, by bank card or by bank transfer. All the information will be present on the invoice.


3.1 General


3.1.1 Under the terms of this contract entitled “PointFit personal training contract”, the service provider undertakes to make himself available to the customer as a Personal Trainer, he will be responsible for providing him with training sessions fitness in private lessons for the duration specified in this contract.

3.1.2 The two parties will define together, and in advance, the price, the number and the times of the sessions. These sessions will take place at the Personal Training Point Fit Studio (521 Chaussée de Waterloo, 1050 Ixelles).

3.1.3 The coach cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to clients’ personal property within the studio.

3.1.4 Goods belonging to the Pointfit studio, such as towels, toiletries, etc., are supplied by the studio as a courtesy to its customers and only for the duration of their visit.

3.1.5 Studio Pointfit may, at any time and without warning, close its premises or part of them for the purpose of carrying out repairs and / or changes, hosting external events, redecorating the studio or on public holidays.

3.1.6 The client must behave respectfully in the coaching studio. If the client behaves in a rude, aggressive, violent, disrespectful, rude, or other manner, the client may be prohibited from frequenting the coaching studio without prior warning and without reimbursement of the remaining sessions.

3.1.7 The client voluntarily participates in Personal Training sessions.

13.1.8 Studio Pointfit declines all responsibility in relation to damage that would result from the practice of Personal Training outside the training sessions related to this contract itself.

3.1.9 The client is prohibited from making job offers in the same or another professional field to Pointfit staff and / or employees of the coaching studio during the entire duration of the coach and / or employee contract. in question.


3.2 Health


3.2.1 The client certifies having consulted a doctor in the last three (3) months certifying that his physical constitution and his state of health allow him to practice sport in general.

3.2.2 The customer undertakes to inform, in writing, the Pointfit studio, of any change in his state of health (physical and mental) which may hinder his good sporting practice, and certifies having given exact information in the management questionnaire for his first Personal Training session.

3.2.3 In the absence of written information, the client discharges the Pointfit studio from any responsibility in the event of an incident, occurring during its session or thereafter.

3.2.4 The customer bears full responsibility for his state of health (physical and mental). Studio Pointfit declines all responsibility for information not provided in the management questionnaire for its first Personal Training session.

3.2.5 Studio Pointfit undertakes to schedule the training and perform the sessions taking this information into account.

3.2.6 The client is aware that his participation in Personal Training sessions is voluntary and under his responsibility. He can at any time ask to stop or refuse to perform an exercise if he thinks it could be dangerous for his health.


4 Payment terms


4.1 Coaching sessions must be held before the expiry date. In the event of non-achievement of the customer’s own act, the sessions not carried out before the expiry date cannot be the subject of a total or partial refund.

4.2 The client is only admitted to the training session as long as he has paid the amount due. In case of late payment an interruption of training will take place.

4.3 If the client ceases to follow Personal Training courses en route, for whatever reasons, the amounts agreed upon signing the contract remain due to Studio Pointfit.

4.4 In the event of renewal of the contract, the client must first pay all amounts due relating to the previous contract.

4.5 Personal Training session packages have variable validity depending on the number of sessions, they are transferable but non-refundable.

4.6 In case of illness (compulsory medical certificate) or move, the personal training sessions may be postponed or transferred to another person.

4.7 All sessions canceled without 24 hours advance notice will be due and billed. Force majeure remaining at the discretion of the coach and the manager.

By payment, the customer declares to have read, understood and accepted the general conditions (above) of the said contract and forming an integral part of it.