Your gym with personal trainers in Ixelles

Welcome to PointFit, the premium 100% tailored coaching fitness studio in Ixelles, Brussels. Let us guide you through all your fitness, sport and health objectives.

Our Ixelles coaching studio’s vision is clear and simple: your success and well-being is the most important thing to our team of personal trainers. Forget the fitness centers where you train alone, with no guidance and no understanding on how to transform your body and health long-term. At PointFit, your experience starts from your first step in our studio. A PointFit trainer takes immediately care of you and commits to fully guide you through your fitness journey.

Thanks to our complete and detailed survey, we review your fitness level, your movements, your lifestyle, your diet, your sport background, your sleeping patterns and your body composition. We get to know and understand the real you.

As a result, your Ixelles gym’s personal trainer will prepare you a bespoke tailored training allowing you to work together and quickly and visibly reach the results you want. These programs, based on your personality, and mixing fitness, gym and bodybuilding, will evolve along with your performances and your objectives. We will assist you every time you train, every step of the way. The success of your program and your physical and mental health is our trainers’ number one priority.

Functional Spaces

Cardio Spaces

Synchros, Bikes, Treadmills and rower are there to warm up or to build a cardio program with your coach.

Changing Rooms

No better way to finish your workout than with a relaxing shower to soothe your muscles.
Our locker rooms have got you covered with our assortment of shower gels and body lotions.

Opening times

Monday to Thursday
8 am – 8 pm

8 am – 5 pm

Saturday and Sunday
9 am – 1 pm

A unique coaching method in Ixelles

We tailor our gym’s programs to last three months. We are extremely confident in our highly-skilled team’s capacity to help your surpass yourself and return to a healthy and active way of life.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, stay active during and after a pregnancy, recover from an injury, stay in shape or reach specific athletic performances, our creative and flexible expert trainers adapt to each and every fitness levels, always ready to guide and assist you.

Our gym centre in Ixelles is specifically and carefully designed to inspire and motivate you to always push forward. Every square inch of our club was conceived to help you achieve your goals and take the time to relax. Our bikes, treadmills, rowing machines and every other training essentials allow you to warm up and efficiently work on your cardio.

Our certified personal trainers offer dynamic and challenging group classes (small group training, Pilates, boxing, gym, etc.), guaranteed to give you quick and visible results. Enjoy our premium locker rooms to prepare safely and to comfortably relax after your training session.

Relieve the pain and change diet thanks to our quality health services. In our Ixelles fitness centre, you have full access to our nutrition expert, our podiatrist, and physiotherapist, to continue and go further with your training.

Discover our tailor-made programmes and meet your new fitness and health partner. Let our coaches guide you and regain control of your health at our coaching studio in Ixelles.