Your gym with personal trainers in the Louise district

Welcome to our premium gym with personal trainers, located in the Blue Tower, right in the Louise district in Brussels.

Our team of personal trainers is dedicated to train the Tower’s employees and residents. Our fitness centre is also accessible by appointment to members of our other gyms, and through sponsorship.

At PointFit Louise (on Louise Avenue), set up in the Blue Tower, (avenue Louise), we promise you one thing: you’ll never train alone again. Our Louise studio is not just another gym. Here, we offer a unique experience: a personal trainer dedicated to your success.

Our goal is to guide you from beginning to end, being with you every step of your training. Our priority is to assist you and help you take control of your body, be in the best shape and health possible, so that you can finally live your best life.

We are with you on every level: physical, nutritional and emotional.

Functional Spaces

Changing Rooms

No better way to finish your workout than with a relaxing shower to soothe your muscles. <br>Our locker rooms have got you covered with our assortment of shower gels and body lotions.

Opening times

Monday to Thursday
8 am – 8 pm

8 am – 5 pm

Saturday and Sunday
9 am – 1 pm

A unique coaching method

We have a unique approach: no yearly subscription, but a three-month programme to transform you.

Your personal trainer will present you with a tailor-made detailed programme and will give you all the tools to make your experience with us an absolute success. From your first step in our premium coaching studio on Louise Avenue, you are taken in and immediately taken care of by our team of professionals. We do a complete review of your personality, your body and your life patterns (fitness, sleep, diet, goals) to get to know you and accurately determine how to help you succeed.

Whatever your objective, our team of passionate fitness and health coaches will do everything to guide you through its completion. They are experts in physiotherapy, weight-loss, fitness, pregnancy assistance and athletic performances, and with them, you’ll get real, visible results.

Ideally located right in the center of Brussels, our gym welcomes the employees working in the Blue Tower, as well as outside clients via appointment. Here at PointFit, we know that a long and intense day at work may prevent you from getting a full and quality work-out. That’s why we designed our coaching studio to allow you to meet your coach during lunch time, after work, or whenever you can, to efficiently continue your training and get closer to your goals.

Our high-end equipment allows you to get the best training possible in our modern and refined facilities. Get ready and enjoy a relaxing shower after your training in our safe and spacious locker rooms.

Come and meet our health professionals and enjoy our various services: nutrition, physiotherapy and podiatry, everything you need to keep bettering your body and your health.

PointFit will never let your train alone and unsupervised again. Our fitness trainers hand you the keys to your well-being and motivate you to give the best of yourself and go further than you could ever imagine. Come meet our team in our Louise gym and take back control of your body and your health!